Waistbeads have so much history behind them regarding their spiritual powers. Originally they were made up of plain beads, but of course overtime that would change. Now you'll see waistbeads with charms, shells, and other enticing gems. 

Waistbands are rooted from Africa with some Egyptian inspiration around the 15th century. Traditional African women used to wear them on their bare skin and rarely under their clothing. Egyptian women wore them to allure men while belly dancing. It's also said to have healing powers .






Waistbands are more than just a beautiful adornment. The BIGGEST misconception you might hear is that waistbands are only for small sized women. Of all the reasons to wear waistbands these are the top 3:

1. Maturity and growth

Waistbeads were usually used to signify the female body changing over the years. Young females coming into puberty, wore waistbeads to signify that they have reached just the right age of marriage or mating. They also symbolized female features that made them a whole lot different from men and their masculine features.

2. (Intimate) appeal

Women normally wear waistbands for seduction, giving of a sense of sexuality to their partner. Communicating their intimate appeal with these beads provoking high desire in their partner.

3. Body Shaping

Waistbands are also used to give an insight on weight loss/gain.  When the waist beads get tighter, it signifies weight gain and of course when it gets loose, it means weight loss.

How to Measure Yourself

Now remember, you don’t have to be a certain size to wear waistbeads. For the best fit, you will have to measure yourself (more info below), It also depends on where you want to tie them, around the hips or the waist. Usually, they are tied just below the belly button and above the hips. You can do it yourself or ask for help from a friend for accuracy.

What To Do When Measuring

1. Relax! Don’t hold your breath or suck it in.

2. Place it right on top of your skin making sure not to pull it tight.

3. Stand up straight (Not gonna lie we've tried to sit and measure, it's different!

4. Remove any clothing before taking the measurement .

Measure around where you want the waistbands to sit use our size chart to compare measurements to get the best fit.