Create Your Own Custom Necklace

Create Your Own Custom Necklace

This new item allows you to create a complete custom piece. 
⚠️PLEASE READ to properly place your order

1. BEFORE YOU ORDER, Contact via email, live chat, IG to speak with me. You will need a PHOTO of what you want created. (If we’ve spoken about this already skip this step.

2. I will make sure your request can be made before you buy. If so I will give you clearance for payment!

2a. If the desired style cannot be created it might need adjusting OR may be too detailed with smaller aspects that may not read well after cutting.

3. You’re ready to purchase!

For this specific custom gold jewelry style allow 7 days processing (consulting included) and 3 week shipping. Jaided jewelry last the longest under proper care. This brand of jewelry is tarnish resistant however, under poor care tarnishing is inevitable. *All custom items are final sale. *All gold jewelry items are 14-18k gold plated. *All items have been tested to ensure no tarnishing under proper care *More info on proper care located on the FAQ